I was born in Dallas Texas in 1973. I moved to Houston, Texas with my mom, dad and sister at the age of 3. I lived the next 18 years of my life in Houston before moving to southern California at 21 with 100 dollars and whatever I could fit in my car at the time. I have always Been attracted to many forms and mediums of art. When I was in 3rd grade Garfield (the cat) was a big thing and I used to draw the hell out of him. As time went on so did my subject matter. By 5th grade it was all about the mach 5 (speed racer's car). 8th grade brought a new love and influence with skateboards and surfing along with all the many images that came along with it. From here this progressed towards a much more morbid subject matter. In high school I found my pencil becoming fascinated by death, gore , and many forms of pain and agony. By my senior year I had transformed again to a more psychedelic version of expressing emotions with lead, as I dove further into the world of the abstract. I attended two years at the University of Houston furthering my studies of different mediums. I have messed with photography, lithography, oils, graphics, pastels, acrylic, pen, ink and many, many more until I finally found the medium that was calling my name, "Human flesh". The rest is history.

Sean "Ozz" Oliver
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